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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wonder Wednesday #77 (Building the Classroom Library)...

Wonder Wednesday - 
Building the Classroom Library (Part One)

*I was lucky enough to receive some money from our PTO to be used for classroom supplies.

*Whenever I have any extra money, I always put it toward my classroom library and collection of books.

*It is quite exciting to watch the readers take in all the new titles and try to decide which ones they want to read first.

*Here is a look at some of the titles I added to the library that are rapidly being checked out...

 Knights of the Lunch Table Series

 Like Carrot Juice on a Cupcake and Like Bug Juice on a Burger

 Explorer Series

 Nnewts #1

 The Misadventures of Salem Hyde Series

 The Quirks and the Quirkalicious Birthday

 The Dumbest Idea Ever

 The Adventures of Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy Series

 Missile Mouse Series

The Secret Science Alliance Series

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