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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Skype Visit the Jory John - Author of The Terrible Two...

Skype Visit - Jory John and The Terrible Two

*I remember hearing about this book long before it was actually released.

*When I read it I absolutely loved it and knew it would be a hit with kids.

*I actually picked it for a "Breakfast with Books" book club selection.

*This is an optional book club that I offer my fourth grade readers.

*We meet before school, enjoy some breakfast treats, and talk about the book.

*I was fortunate enough that Jory John, one of the authors, agreed to meet with us via Skype.

*We are in Minneapolis and he is in California.  So when we gathered at 8:30 AM this morning, it was 6:30 AM his time.  He was quite a trooper to be up and ready at that hour.

*Jory talked to us about his life, his writing, and we took "The Terrible Two" prank oath.

*Here are some pictures from our Skype visit this morning...

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