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Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Break 2015 (Blog BREAK)...

Spring Break 2015 - A BREAK from the Blog

*As most educators I absolutely love my job of teaching, but I also enjoy the wonderful breaks we are given throughout the year.

*I'm finishing up conferences today and then have a week off for spring break 2015.

*This is always a time to spend with my family, sit back and relax a bit, and of course get caught up on all the books I want to read.

*I will be joining my wife and son (who is a senior) in Florida tonight for a long weekend.  I can't wait to find the perfect beach chair either right on the beach or by the pool, order a drink, and dig into a perfect novel.

*This blog has become a big part of my life, but I know I need to give myself a break from it from time to time.  I'm thinking this coming week is one of those times.

*The weekly features will not be updated until Monday, April 6th.

*I'm sure I will still post book reviews as I finish the many books on my TBR pile.

*Wishing all of you wonderful teachers, librarians, and educators a happy spring and the extra time to spend away from our "demanding" job with an excellent book or two or three.

*Happy Spring Break 2015!  Enjoy...

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