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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Liar, Liar by Gary Paulsen

How I Heard About It:  While browsing the shelves of the public library, I came across a whole bunch of Gary Paulsen books that I have never read before.  It has been fun to listen to these short middle-grade novels on the commute to and from work.  

What It Is About:  Kevin isn't proud of it, but knows he is a really good liar.  He actually thinks everyone lies all the time, but just won't admit it.  He looks at his lying as a gift and is going to use it to his fullest ability.  When he wants to get the attention of a girl at school, he goes into operation "lie" to spend as much time as he can to figure out how to get the girl.  He creates lies to his teachers, his classmates, and even his family.  For a bit, everything goes according to plan, but after awhile the lies, stories, and myths catch up to Kevin and he has to decide whether he is going to continue the "stories" or come clean.  

What I Thought Of It:  This was another Paulsen novel that I quite enjoyed.  The narrator was awesome and I found myself smiling and laughing out loud on several occasions.  The plot line is very relatable to young people which made me enjoy it all the more.  There were a few sections of the story that I think were a bit mature for the elementary reader, but they also might just read right over it and not really "catch" on.  Several life lessons were presented during the telling of the story which I appreciated for what would be considered a "light" story.  I'm ready to move on to some other audio books, but I'm glad I have spent some time with this particular author.  

Who Should Read It:  Because it is a shorter book I thought it would be perfect for my fourth grade readers.  After reading it, I do have a couple concerns about some of the content and conversation used in a few parts of the book.  I'm not sure they would stop me from having in my classroom, but something to think about.  It might be perfect for the male reader in grades five, six, and even middle-school.  Happy Reading!  

Rating:  4 STARS out of 5 Stars

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