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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Trailer Thursday #160 (The Quirks Welcome to Normal by Erin Soderbergh)

The Quirks Welcome to Normal by Erin Soderbergh
(Student Created Trailer by Audrey)

*Our first "Breakfast with Books" book club is tomorrow morning and we read The Quirks.  We are lucky that the author lives right here in Minneapolis and will be joining us in person.  How cool is that!  My readers are beyond excited.

*One of the things I'm focusing on and teaching my students is the creation of iTrailers.

*We are collecting all the trailers we make and putting them into our Schoology Site.  Each student will have their own album where they can keep all of their trailers.  Then the other readers will be able to browse those trailers and find a new book to read.   

*As the year progresses we will learn what should be included, and not included, in the trailer to make them the best they can be.   

Here are some other trailers we found about this particular book/author...

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