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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #160 (Class Read Aloud Number One)

Wonder Wednesday - Class Read Aloud #ONE

*I couldn't be more happier with my first choice of "read aloud" for the 2016-2017 school year.

*After reading the novel and interviewing Nora, I knew I wanted to share with powerful story with my fourth graders.  

*We took it slow, recorded our thinking, and had lots of discussions along the way.  

*Based on the responses I got from the listeners, I knew they "grew" because of this story.  

*After each read aloud, I have my students complete the following prompts.  I hang on to the sheets and we will create a read aloud "booklet" for them to take home at the end of the year.

*Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story by Nora Raleigh Baskin

*Here are a few thoughts that my listeners had...

I thought this book was…

*Great because I like to learn about how that happened and why.   
*Awesome and sad because during the memorial it was sad how many people died, but at parts it was a cool and interesting story.  
*Sad and surprising because Aimee's mom was going to the Twin Towers for a meeting on September 11th and I thought she would die.

I liked it when…

*Naheed's family was getting "abused" at the ceremony because so many people stood up for them.
*Gideon helped the man on the train because that was such a kind thing to do.
*They, all the main characters, were going to New York because I wanted them to finally meet each other.

My favorite character was…

*Gideon because in my opinion he was very nice and great with Sergio.  
*Will because sometimes I feel like I lost my dad too.   
*Naheed because she was Muslim like I am.

My favorite part in the story was…

*When Will and his friends fight in a wrestling match because I like to wrestle with my friends.   
*When everyone went to the Memorial because it was cool how they where all together twice and ever recognized each other.  
*When Aimee woke up at 5:30 AM to catch her mom because her mom had a meeting in the World Trade Center/The Twin Towers.

It was interesting when…

*The four kids didn't meet because I thought they would meet in the story.

*Will's dad dies because why would he go and help someone else and that is why he died.
*Sergio skipped school without permission because I would never skip school.

I was frustrated when…

*Naheed and Eliza weren't friends anymore because they were and then they weren't.  
*Amy's mom had a meeting because it would be dangerous.  
*The man told Naheed's family to leave the memorial because he was not nice and very mean to them.

I give this book _____ stars!  

5 STARS =  15 Students
4 STARS =  6 Students
3 STARS =  2 Students
2 STARS =  0 Student
1 STAR =  0 Students 


  1. so brave..these students. To share their hearts and their own stories. thank you for sharing..Do we not have a skype set up? Do you want to??

  2. Opps...sorry. We are on for tomorrow!! no worries..I am just traveling today..Can't wait till tomorrow..!

  3. We are looking forward to it also. See you tomorrow!