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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Life Lesson #7 (Be Life Changing)

"Be Life Changing"

*This is the seventh Thursday of our school year together and that means it is "Life Lesson" Thursday.

*I recently saw this video clip via social media.  It was either on FaceBook and/or Twitter.  I was captivated by the "kindness" of these boys and wanted to share this story with my writers.

*I want my students to have "life changing" moments when they impact others in such profound ways that can change both of their lives.  This is the video that shows how that can be done.  

*Each Thursday I share a short video clip with my writers.  The clip has some type of "lesson" I want to share and teach my fourth graders.  

*I set aside time during each day for us to work in our writer's notebooks. 

*We talk about what types of writing we can do in the notebook.  Here are some of the possibilities...

-What we notice in the video
-What we wonder about
-Connections we have to the video
-Thoughts, feeling, emotions about the video clip
-Reminders we have from the lesson/message
-Create a fiction story about the video

*Once the video is shared with the writers, we spend a few minutes "talking" about what we observed.

*My writers set up their HEADING in the notebook and we get busy writing.

*During the start-up of the year, I have my students write for about five minutes.  We slowly build our stamina for writing and slowly add time to the writing block. 

*At the end of the individual writing time, we call on a few volunteers to share their actual writing and/or further thoughts about the video we watched and wrote about.

*If there is time, I sometimes share the video clip with my class at the end of the writer's notebook time.  

Life Lessons for 2016-2017…          

Week #1 - Be Brains -                                                                  Click Here for Week #1 Lesson
Week #2 - Be Kind to Others -                                                     Click Here for Week #2 Lesson
Week #3 - Be Safe -                                                                      Click Here for Week #3 Lesson
Week #4 - Be Responsible -                                                          Click Here for Week #4 Lesson
Week #5 - Be a Friend -                                                                Click Here for Week #5 Lesson
Week #6 - Be Courageous -                                                          Click Here for Week #6 Lesson

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