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Friday, January 27, 2017

Friend Friday #174 (Pickle by Kim Baker)

Hi!  I'm Freddy and I read the book called Pickle written by Kim Baker.

I thought this book was funny and creative 
because the club I might of thought it would be drama or something like that.  

My favorite part in the story was when they had the bubbles part of the story because I thought that was such a creative part.  

The character that I liked best was Oliver because he did DRAMA.  

I think the author wrote this book because she maybe didn't like being a kid in school and wanted to show how fun school could be when you are creative and have some fun.

I would recommend this book to my friends because it could be a thing we joke about after we have all read the book.  

Reading to me is fun and relaxing because it brings me peace and enjoyment at the same time.  Plus I love stories about kids and what cool things they do at their school and then maybe I can do that at my own school.  

*Freddy is a reader.  I mean is reads ALL the time.

*He is very particular about the books he wants to and is willing to read.

*I have made it a goal to "stretch" him as a reader.  

*When I first give me a book stack, he is quite resistant to it.  Once he spends some time browsing the stack, he usually will be between 2-3 books.

*He was intrigued by the title and cover of this book.  Once he started, he could not stop reading until he was done with the book.  He LOVED it.  

*Thank you Kim Baker for writing such a GREAT book for our young readers!  

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