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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wonder Wednesday #173 (Really Cool Apps)

Wonder Wednesday - My Favorite Current Apps

*My time away from school over the holidays was well-needed, much-deserved, and a very special time with my family.

*I always come back after breaks renewed, energized, and ready to tackle the next part of the school year.

*There have been quite a few new educational apps introduced to me in the new year.  I decided to use this Wonder Wednesday to share them here.

*Some of the apps I have used for quite some time, some are relatively new, and some I've only seen and/or used once.

*I'm sure most of you have seen or used them, but maybe one or two will be news ones that you can bring into your own classroom.

*All of these apps are incredibly engaging, motivating, and just plain fun for our young learners.


(A great way to review vocabulary and get results electronically immediately)
(Used best for individual but can be used with partners)

(A wonderful and fun way to review vocabulary and/or concepts)
(Played quite quickly so not for all students that take time to process)
(Students can be alone, in partners, or small teams)

(This is a new app for me and I have enjoyed getting to know its features)
(A perfect app to present covered vocabulary and let students practice on their own)
(There are many options to use the "same" words in different manners)

"Quizlet Live"
(This is my new favorite app to use with my students)
(I have never seen young people so engaged, having fun, and on-task)
(They work in randomly selected teams, but each have to play on their own)
(Everything about this app is TOP-NOTCH)

(This was introduced to me just about a week ago by our visiting scientists)
(There are SO many options with this app that I was overwhelmed with excitement)
(My students loved it, were on-task, and showed what they had learned)
(I need to explore more, but there are lots of options to assess and get student data)

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