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Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Break 2017 (Blog BREAK)

Blog Break - READ Time

*Just a quick note that this reading guy is taking a week break from the "ReadWonder" blog.

*As a fourth grade teacher, I'm on spring break from Friday, March 31st - Sunday, April 9th.

*We are not traveling this year except for a "mini vacation" to KU in Lawrence, Kansas to see our son who is a sophomore there.  My wife and I will be driving down on Friday night and return on Monday.

*The rest of the week I'm planning on catching up on my "ever growing" pile of books next to my bed.

*I always enjoy these breaks from work and use the time to read, read, and read!

*My goal is to complete a "book a day" but that sometimes becomes a lofty goal since I also have to work on my "honey do" list that my wife leaves me as she heads off to the office.

*The daily/weekly blog "features" will be back on Monday, April 10th.  Of course I will still provide book reviews of the novels I finish over the next week.

*Be sure to look for the newest, latest, and greatest stories that fill my time during Spring Break...

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