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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wonder Wednesday #179 (Skype Visit with Elly Swartz)

Wonder Wednesday:   Finding Perfect

*Finding Perfect by Elly Swartz was our fifth class read aloud.  After reading it last summer, I knew it had to be a story that I shared with my listeners.

*I was lucky enough to meet Elly during #NCTE16 in Atlanta.  It was so much fun to chat with her face to face.

*During our conversation we talked about doing a Skype visit after I finished sharing her novel with my class.  When I reached out to her recently she was gracious, kind, and gave a great big YES to chatting with my listeners via Skype.

*So on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 22nd we gathered around the "big screen" to listen, chat with, and ask our questions about the story.  Elly also shared information about herself, her book, and some really cool projects she has going that deal with the novel.

*It was such fun and a perfect way to wrap-up this important story of Molly and her struggles with OCD.

*Here is a look at some of the interactions we had during our time with Elly...

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