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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wonder Wednesday #180 (Read Indeed)

Wonder Wednesday #180 - Read Indeed

*I have lived here in the Twin Cities all of my life.  I have been a teacher for 26 years.  I have been activity involved in many different reading initiatives around the area.  Somehow I missed the boat when it came to "Read Indeed".

*A co-worker shared with me that there was an organization right here in the Twin Cities where teachers, parents, educators, and librarians can go to pick up books to give to students and/or families in need.  People can also donate old books to this organization.

*I had the opportunity to visit Read Indeed on Saturday, February 25th.  Upon arriving I met the founder's mother only to find out that the founder is a 14 year old girl and she was 8 years old when she began her "business".  It was such a awesome conversation and would be have so cool to meet this young girl who was home sick that day.

*I was invited to take as many boxes of books as I wanted to bring back to my school, share with my students, and have them bring them back to their home libraries.  I was in complete "book heaven".

*My students were over the moon when we opened the boxes, shared the books, and took volunteers to give these "gently used books" a new home.  The excitement in the air was palpable.  These are the moments that make teaching so worth while.

*Here is a link to the Read Indeed website...

*Here are some pictures I took while visiting the warehouse and sharing the titles with my students...

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