Fourth Grade Journey

A Fourth Grade Teacher's Journey Through the World of Books

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Surprise Sunday #1

Surprise Sunday -
"Must-Reads" for 4th Graders

*On the evening of Saturday, November 2nd I was starting to rethink my book club selection for November.

*I casually put a "tweet" out there for suggestions for "MUST-READS" for 4th graders.

*It was incredible the response I got.  Overwhelming actually!

*The idea of putting all these book titles in one place became my first "Surprise Sunday" blog post.

*I hope this list is as helpful to you as it will be to me.  It comes from fellow "tweeters."

*Who knows?  Maybe in the future, we can create "must-read" lists for other grades as well.



  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing resource! It's so helpful since I'm new to 4th grade and am curating a new classroom library this year. I'm happy to report that I see some familiar titles along with a whole bunch of new ones to eexplore! Thank you!

  2. So glad it was helpful. It was also extremely helpful to me. That is the great thing about Twitter. Put the call out there and the results are amazing...

  3. I love your list- just ordered several for home and school. Thanks for compiling it with covers! So very helpful. LOVE Twitter and all the connections we can make!