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Sunday, October 20, 2013

#ABCT (Adult Book Club on Twitter) is BACK...

How #ABCT Came About:  In November, 2012 I came up with the idea of the #ABCT (Adult Book Club on Twitter).  It was during a Twitter discussion on #titletalk that I realized how wonderful it would be to bring together teachers, librarians,  educators, authors, and all other adult readers and form an online book club.  I knew we were reading lots of middle-grade novels, picture books, and other resources for our children, but what about "feeding" ourselves with a delicious and engaging adult novel.  So began the #ABCT.  We read three books last year and had three different online Twitter "chats."  To be honest it has been a slow start, which is one of the reasons I never chose a fourth book.  But now it is time to bring back the #ABCT...

First book:  Life Among Giants by Bill Roorbach
Second book:  Me Before You by JoJo Moyes
Third book:  Schroder by Amity Gaige

The Invite Sent Out:   I invite all Twitter readers, their friends, and anyone else we can spread the word to; to join us for the fourth book club selection for the #ABCT.  It would be wonderful to get as many readers as we can to read the new book club selection, Tweet their thoughts while they read, and meet on Twitter for the book club discussion.  We all enjoy reading those books for our young readers and I know we can enjoy a "big person" book just as much.  So get the word out, join the fun, and read this fourth selection for the #ABCT!

Fourth Book Chosen:   Being a HUGE fan of author Wally Lamb; I'm thrilled, excited, and over the top with anticipation to announce our fourth book club selection.  The new choice for the #ABCT is We Are Water by Wally Lamb.  He is the author of She's Come Undone, I Know This Much Is True (My all-time favorite adult book), and The Hour I First Believed.  His new novel will be released on Tuesday, October 22nd.  I already have my copy ordered with a special autographed copy.  I think he is a talented author and have greatly enjoyed his first three novels.  This new book has been getting a lot of positive press.

When is the Book Club:  At this point, I'm not exactly sure of when we will meet via Twitter to "chat" about this book.  I want to give people plenty of time to get a copy of the book, read it, and be ready to discuss.  I'm hoping this is the perfect time (and perfect novel) to bring the #ABCT back.  It will also be fun to "discuss/tweet" our thoughts as we read the book.  For some of our previous book club discussions, we have had the author join in on the discussion.  What an honor that was.  I'm going to do some "hunting" to see if Wally Lamb is out there in Twitter "ville" and be willing to join us.  More information on the book club date will be posted here soon.  Happy Reading!  

Wally Lamb talks about We Are Water

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