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Monday, August 11, 2014

Music Monday Summer Edition #9...

"If We Hold On Together" from Land Before Time
 (Sung by Diana Ross)

*Tonight (8/10) we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

*Their actual wedding date was July 11th, but my dad was having hip surgery.

*The family went to dinner along with special family friends.

*My mother has been dealing with Alzheimer's Disease for several years.

*It has been difficult to watch and live with, but I'm happy she is still with us.

*The night she retired (1997) she told the story of how they played this song along with a video of elderly living their lives.  She was a social worker for the elderly.

*This was also the day I found out I had cancer.

*My mom and I use to talk how it was meant to be that she retired so she was able to spend the summer with me as I dealt with surgeries, treatments, and getting healthy.

*Since then this song has always had a lot of meaning.

*It was a special evening celebrating my parents 50 years together. 

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