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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wonder Wednesday #69...

Wonder Wednesday - Skype Visit with Lynda Mullaly Hunt

*Our first read aloud of the year was Fish in a Tree.

*I read it last summer and absolutely loved the novel.

*It was a great novel to start the year off with my fourth grade students.

*When we finished the novel, Lynda was quite busy with promotion of this novel and working on other things.  We weren't able to schedule a Skype visit.

*She contacted me last week and said she had some time on Thursday, November 13th to Skype with us.

*We were going to be the first class she was Skyping with about her new novel.

*I was thrilled as were my students.  We quickly wrote questions/comments to share with her.

*The class spent about a half hour with Lynda and we had a great time.

*There is nothing quite like Skyping with an author.

*Thanks so much Lynda Mullaly Hunt for spending time with us about your upcoming novel.

*Here are some pictures from our Skype visit…

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