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Friday, February 26, 2016

Friend Friday #129 (The Graham Cracker Plot by Shelley Tougas)...

Hi!  I am Erin and I read the book called The Graham Cracker Plot written by Shelley Tougas.

I think this book is good because it is an adventurous story and I love stories that have lots of adventure in them.  

My favorite part in the story is when they were breaking the chemist out of Club Fed because it was action packed and a fun part of the story.  

The character that I liked best was Daisy because she was very brave and tried to rescue her father.  

I think the authors wrote this book because she wanted to show that you can make anything a reality if you try hard enough.  

I would recommend this book to my friends because it is a story of friendship.  

Reading to me is special because I feel like I'm in the story with the characters.  

*This is the second year that we will be hosting Shelley Tougas, the author of this novel.
*She joined us this morning for our "Breakfast with Books" book club.  
*We had the honor of hosting her in our classroom and talking all things Graham Cracker Plot.
*Erin was one of the 13 members that joined us for this special book club.  

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