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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #127 (Room by Emma Donoghue)...

Wonder Wednesday - Room (The Novel/The Movie)

*I read this novel back in 2011.

*At the time, I had never read anything quite like it.

*Looking back, I remember not being able to put it down and just had to continue reading it to find out what would happen in the story.

*The story was haunting and dug its way into my soul.

*It was one of those novels that I recommended to everyone I knew and talked about it with all of my "reader" friends.

*When I heard there was going to be a movie version of the book, I was intrigued.

*I couldn't quite imagine how this story would portray itself on the big screen.

*This past Saturday night my wife and I headed to the movie theater to experience the movie.  As we were walking into the theater we commented we couldn't remember the last time we had actually been to the movie theater.

*The production of this story was top-notch and very well done.

*We were transfixed from the opening scene to the very last image.  Just like the book, this movie was haunting.

*I've included some trailers from both the novel and the movie.  If you haven't experienced either one, I highly recommend that you do.  It is quite the story…

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