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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #129 (3M Cloud Library)...

Wonder Wednesday - 3M Cloud Library

*I love when I find something new that has to do with books and reading.

*Over the holidays I was chatting with an extended family member about what we were reading and our favorite books.

*She mentioned that she uses the 3M Cloud Library.  I had never heard of it.

*It is an electronic book check out system that you can tie to your iPhone or iPad.

*You download the app and then sync it to your local library.  You need to hold a library card.

*Once you have the app tied to the library, you are set to go!

*The process is simple:  Look up title, see if it is available, either put it on hold, or check it out.

*You can keep the electronic version of the book for 21 days.

*One of my reading goals is to save money in the book buying department.

*To help with this, I've been visiting the library more and this app makes it even more easy.

*You can find more information at the following link...

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