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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #128 (Book Give Away by Lynda Mullaly Hunt)...

 Wonder Wednesday:  Book Give Away

*My "wonder" post seem to fall into my lap just at the right time.

*As of Monday morning I wasn't sure what type of post I would do this week.

*While browsing Twitter, I came across a really cool Tweet.  Actually I came across many tweets all mentioning and retweeting some great news from one of my favorite middle-grade authors.

*I've had the chance to Skype twice with Lynda.  If you don't know her or haven't had the honor of meeting her, she is absolutely awesome.

*She is a talented writer and an author that supports teachers 100%.

*This past November at NCTE15 I had the privilege of finally meeting her face to face.  She did not disappoint and I so enjoyed chatting with her.

*Lynda Mullaly Hunt is "running" a really cool book give away.

*As I read her blog post, I just kept smiling at all the information she was sharing and all the book titles that are included in her book give away.  It is absolutely incredible!

*All you have to do to enter, is post a comment on her blog and "retweet" the information.  Easy!

*Before I began my conferences on Monday morning, I shared my "post" on her site and of course sent out a retweet of the contest.

*I'm sharing the link to her blog so you can read about this WONDERful give away and enter yourself.

*It is authors like Lynda that make my teaching career so incredibly rewarding!

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