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Friday, February 24, 2017

Friend Friday #178 (Finding Perfect by Elly Swartz)

Hi!  We're Lexi and Audrey and we read the book called Finding Perfect written by Elly Swartz.

We thought this book was good 
because there was a lot of drama in the story, some really sad parts, and some happy moments.  

Our favorite part in the story was when Hannah and Molly got mad at each other during the Facebook post chapter because that was an interesting part of the story and could happen in real life.  

The character that we liked best was Molly because she was a perfectionist like we are and we could relate to some of the stuff she went through.  She had it worse.  

We think the author wrote this book because she wanted people to know that not everything needs to be perfect and there is always a way to solve your problems.  

We would recommend this book to our friends because we all like the same type of books and this is a pretty cool story.  

Reading to us is different because one of us likes reading more than the other, but we both like to read great books because they have really awesome stories inside them.  

*This was our most recent class read aloud.  I had read the book last summer, met Elly at #NCTE16, and knew this was going to be a story I wanted to share with my students.
*I asked Lexi and Audrey if they would like to do a "friend Friday" post together, and they were very excited to do that.
*Their responses were spot on and I'm so glad they were willing to share their thoughts about the book.

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