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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wonder Wednesday #176 (Amy Krouse Rosenthal Picture Books)

Wonder Wednesday:  Picture Books

*I have used picture books with my students for YEARS!

*In the past, I never really kept track of the books we shared, but a few years back, I begin to keep a list on the large chart paper.

*After several "breakout" sessions at camps or conventions, I learned about #CLASSROOMBOOKADAY.

*I implemented this idea at the beginning of this school year and have loved every minute of it.

*Here is a photo from our #CLASSROOMBOOKADAY bulletin board that I took just last week...

*Recently we started to read picture book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  I get a great reaction to most of the picture books I bring into the room, but I haven't seen listeners as excited about stories as I have seen with Amy's collection of books.

*They are listening better than ever!  They are talking about the books more than ever!  They are excited more than ever!  It is been such FUN sharing these stories with my students.

*Many of them know the stories, but still can't wait to listen and take in the story.  

*Here are the books that have been received so well by the fourth graders in my room...

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