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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wonder Wednesday #233 (NerdCampMI Day #TWO)

Wonder Wednesday - BEST PD Ever!!!

*On Sunday, July 8th I packed up the rented van, piled in four of my Nerdy friends, and headed for Jackson, Michigan.

*This was my third NerdCampMI and thought it was the BEST one yet.  I had such an incredible two days.

*This "camp" always energizes me and gets me pumped up for a new school year.

*The time at NerdCampMI is a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends, meet new people, and take in a whole bunch of new learning.

*To me, it is one of the most happy places on earth.  The vibe is absolutely off the hook!!!

*Last year I brought two friends and this year we added two more friends.  It is my hope and dream to keep bringing more and more people so they can experience the magic.

*Here is a link to pictures from day #ONE - NerdCampMI Day #ONE

*Here are some images from the second day...

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