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Saturday, May 11, 2019

I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi

How I Heard About It:  A teacher friend of mine from school told me about this novel.  She said it was one of her favorite stories of the year.  I decided to listen to it via Audible.  

What It Is About - FIVE Things You Need to Know:  
1.  *Maddy seemed to have it all.  A wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, and a life that appeared to be perfect.  

2.  *That is why it doesn't make sense when she jumps off a building on the local college campus falling to her death.  

3.  *She leaves Brady and Eve behind.  Brady has spent most of his life working and not spending much time with Maddy and/or their daughter Eve.  Not they must get to "know" each other and find a way to move forward.  

4.  *As Maddy looks on from "above", she tried to make sure Brady and Eve both are happy and moving on with their lives as best as they can.  

5.  *Life without Maddy is a struggle and both Brady and Eve spend time thinking of all the mistakes they made while Maddy was still with them.  They also navigate new waters of father and daughter.  

What I Thought Of It - Five Observations/Reflections:
1.  *The narration of the story was fantastic.  I enjoyed that the characters of Maddy, Eve, and Brady each had their own narrator.  It was almost like listening to a play instead of a story.

2.  *Through most of the story, I was quite confused and concerned as to why Maddy decided to end her life.  It broke my heart that she left Eve to fend for herself and live with a father she really didn't know.

3.  *I enjoyed the character of Brady.  In my opinion, he learned the most about himself and grew as a human being.  He saw his faults and set out to fix them.  

4.  *Eve was also a major draw to the story and I thought the relationship between her and Rory was special and heart-warming.  They both lost a lot and needed each other.  

5.  *I recently lost a family friend, to cancer - not suicide, but much of this story reminded me of how the living MUST find a way to go on after a loved one passes on to the next world.  There were moments listening when I could feel myself holding back the tears.  

Who Should Read It:   This is the perfect novel for any adult reader.  I certainly enjoyed the audio version, but my friend at work said she loved reading the printed format.  As much as the subject matter was difficult, the story will still leave the reader full of hope and love.  Happy Reading!  

Rating:   4 STARS out of 5 Stars!

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