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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wonder Wednesday #12...

Wonder Wednesday - Little Wonders

*I've been feeling so wonderful about the wonders that have been happening in room 113.

*As I look back over the last few weeks, there are many wonders that come to mind...

First - Our first mystery Skype with another class.  We found out there were in Indiana.  Our goal would be to do a mystery Skype with all 50 states.  We shall see...

Second - Our first author Skype with Stephen McCranie.  It was such an enjoyable thirty minutes and the class enjoyed learning some of the "tricks" of the trade.  We also enjoy his three Mal and Chad books.  

Third - Our second author Skype with Suzanne Selfors.  It was such a great addition to my first "Breakfast with Books" book club to chat with the author and get our questions offered.  She was delightful and offered many great ideas to my students about writing.

Fourth - Our third author Skype with Chris Grabenstein.  We finished his book Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library on a Friday and had the opportunity to "talk" on the following Monday.  The class thought it was pretty cool to get an inside look at his New York office and all the "stuff" he has there.  

Fifth - Our second read aloud brought us The Boy on the Porch by Sharon Creech.  The class was spellbound from the first page and look forward to hearing more of the story each and every day.  I reached out to the author to see if she would Skype with us.  There were a fee involved, but I check with my principal and she offered to pay for it.  This was truly a wonder I won't forget.

Sixth - As I meet with my small guided reading groups and look out over the classroom, it warms my heart to see all of my students completely engaged in their "self-selected" books.  They have truly  learned what a reading zone looks and sounds like.

Seventh - Each night I bring home five to six writer's notebooks to check them over.  I'm so pleased with the amount of writing my students are doing and the content is truly heart-warming.  It is like they say; writers are readers and readers are writers!

Eighth - One of the favorite parts of our day is our morning meeting when I read a picture to the group.  They are all ears and eyes.  We love picture books!

Ninth - I gave up reading logs this year and I couldn't be more pleased.  My expectation is that my readers read at least thirty minutes a night.  I know they are doing this, plus even more!

Tenth - I made my way to the local Independent Book Store this past Sunday and had the opportunity to meet Anne Ursu the author of The Real Boy.  There is nothing better then meeting authors face to face. 

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