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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wonder Wednesday #11...

Wonder Wednesday - Skype Visit

*On Wednesday, October 2nd my fourth grade class had their first Skype visit.

*A graphic novel series that I introduced to my class right away in the fall were the Mal and Chad books by Stephen McCranie.

*The readers got busy to read all three of the books in the series.

 *As of our Skype visit today, 20 out of the 28 students in my class were able to finish all three books.

*Needless to say we were quite excited to Skype with the author and illustrator of this great series.

*Stephen spent about thirty minutes with us demonstrating how to create cartoons, graphics, and pictures. 

*He also took many questions from the students in my class.

*It was so WONDERful to watch how engaged my students were during the visit. 

*I could tell they were motivated to read even more and try their hand at creating their own pictures/cartoons.  This was the true WONDER of the day!

*Thanks to Stephen for giving us this WONDERful opportunity...

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