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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Treat Tuesday #24...

Treat Tuesday - Year End Blog Review

*I don't have a "treat" recipe to post today, so I had to come up with another idea for today's post.

*I have seen on other blogs, people writing about their most-viewed blog posts.

*It got me to thinking about all of the blog entries that I have posted over the last year.

*After digging around my blog "settings", I found a list of most "visited" posts from my blog...

#1 Most Visited Blog Post (Nerdlution Post)

#2 Most Visited Blog Post (Music Monday #1)

#3 Most Visited Blog Post (Surprise Sunday #1)

*It is a "true treat" to know that what I do here on this blog is getting out there into the world, hopefully giving an idea or two, and making a bit of a difference.

*Happy New Year!  What an incredible year 2013 was and I know the best is yet to come in 2014...

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