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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wonder Wednesday #21...

Wonder Wednesday - BBC

As today rolled on, I kept thinking about what my "Wonder" post would be.  Nothing was coming to me.  I had a long day at a district training about LMS (Learning Management Systems).  My BBC (Boy's Book Club) was meeting after school for our monthly book club.  I was tired and really just wanted to go home.  I was however anxious to talk with the "boys" about our current book so I made my way to our favorite watering hole.

The BBC has been meeting since around 2000.  The book club consists of male teachers in our building.  Now don't say we are sexist.  Some females started their book club way before we did.  We have been a core group of four men that have been in the club since the beginning.  There have been a couple of guys that have left the book club and joined since the creation of this unique book club.

The book club meets about once a month.  Each member gets a turn in picking our selection and bringing it to the group.  The guys then get together for the book discussion over some beer and snacks.  Hey, we are guys!  In the beginning our wives just thought it was an excuse to get together and drink.  As time went on, they learned we actually do discuss the book.

Tonight we were talking about one of my favorite books written by my favorite author.  Actually all the members love Wally Lamb just as much as I do.  Tonight we were discussing We are Water his latest book.  We have also read his other two books as part of our book club.

The member that chose the book brings questions for us to discuss.  During our talk tonight we talked about the characters in the story, the ending of the story, the writing style of Wally, and some of the disturbing plot line.  We always end our book club "chat" giving the book a grade (A-F).  Tonight the grading was unanimous.  The book got an "A" from all of us.  That doesn't usually happen.

As I was driving home, I felt rejuvenated and full of complete joy.  There is nothing more I enjoy than getting together with other people that enjoy reading and books as much as I do.  I also felt a sense of WONDER that I have been a member of a book club for about 13 years and have read some incredible books.

Now, I look forward to reading our next selection, getting together with this awesome group of guys to discuss, socialize, gossip (yes, guys gossip), and celebrate the WONDER of books…

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