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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wonder Wednesday #20...

Wednesday Wonder - Love of Reading

*We begin our morning with our first independent reading time.

*The readers come in, get settled, and begin reading.

*This process has taken quite a bit of time to get 100% of the students reading and focused.

*The last few days, I've noticed a WONDER right in front of my eyes.

*Without saying a word, giving directions, or giving reminders; I looked out over my classroom this morning and saw some of the most Wondrous sights...

 Student #1 and #2 are two of my most active boys.  They tended to be very social at the start-up of the day.  Now they are two of the first students to begin their reading.  They are both reading from the Percy Jackson series.  

 Student #3 and #4 are two of my struggling readers, but love to do it and are so enthusiastic.  Each day they get better and better at selecting appropriate books and are enjoying their progress.

 Student #5 is one of my special needs students.  She warms my heart as she "reads" like her peers.
Student #6 was hard to hook into starting his day reading, but now he reads before he even takes off his hat.  I didn't say anything about the hat, and let him read.

 It was fun to catch student #7 and #8 finding a cozy spot to read this morning.  

 Student #9 and #10 are two of my most avid readers.  
They are always reading during this time and prefer to read at their desks.

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