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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wonder Wednesday # 78 (Read Aloud #4: 2014-2015) - Rain, Reign by Ann M. Martin...

Wonder Wednesday - Class Read Aloud #4

*After I read this novel on my own, I knew I wanted to share it with my class.

*This is such a powerful story and the reader soon won't forget Rose.

*My fourth graders LOVED listening to this story and I believe became more emotional attached than any of our other stories.

*Here are a few thoughts that my listeners had...

I thought this book was…

*Fantastic because it was such a cool story.  
*Great because I liked how the story was put together.  
*Cool because at the end everyone got what they wanted.

I liked it when…

*They found Rain because it was a cool moment and made me happy.  
*Rose found Rain because I was very surprised she did.
*They were trying to find the owner of Rain because it was like a mystery.

My favorite character was…

*Rain because she always seemed happy.
*Rain or Reign because I like dogs and she is such a sweet animal.
*Rose because she does things I could never do.

My favorite part in the story was…

*When rain was returned because it was a great moment.  
*The storm because it was interesting and suspenseful.
*When Rose found the Hendersons because that was a big thing to do for her.  

It was interesting when…

*She said she wanted to give her dog back because why would she want to do that.
*Wesley dropped off Rose to Uncle Weldon's and left because it was such a shock.
*Rose got an article in the newspaper because it was awesome and helped her problem.  

I was frustrated when…

*The father hit the dog on the back because I felt bad for the dog.
*Rose kept talking about homonyms because it was a bit annoying.
*Her father was being mean because it mad me sort of mad.  

I give this book _____ stars!  

5 STARS =  17 Students
4 STARS =  5 Students
3 STARS =  0 Students
2 STARS =  1 Student
1 STAR =  0 Students  

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