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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wonder Wednesday #80 (Picture Book March Madness: Part One)...

Picture Book March Madness - 
Brackets #1 and #2

*This is the second year I'm having my students participate in "Picture Book March Madness."

*The readers loved it so much last year that I couldn't not do it again this February/March.

*This reading "Madness" goes along with the NCAA March Madness.

*I start a couple of weeks ago with Bracket #1.  Each week the students read and analyze 8 picture books.  After they read each one, they give it between 1-5 stars.

*Once all 8 books are read, the reader must put those books in order from their 1st favorite to their 8th favorite.

*It starts all over the second week with bracket #2.  We are currently reading bracket #3 books.

*I will rank all the books based on the votes and pair them up.  These will be displayed on a large bracket type poster.  Then the voting begins...

*Here are the picture books that were used this year for brackets #1 and #2...

Text Bracket
House Jack Built (NF)
Night Moon Fell(NF)
I Want My Hat Back
It’s a Tiger
Day Crayons Quit
Mr. Tiger Goes Wild
Interrupting Chicken
Stray Dog     

Illustrator Bracket
New York (NF)
Move! (NF)
Nugget & Fang
Good News Bad News
The Invisible Boy      

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