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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Friend Friday #92 (The Magic Goose by Daniel Pinkwater)...

Hi!  I am Marissa and I read the book called The Magic Goose written by Daniel Pinkwater.  

I think this book was amazing because it had so much adventure in it.   

My favorite part in the story was when they meet Mr. Inkblotter because it was a really funny part of the story.   

The character that I liked best was the mom because she kept on sleeping like I would do.  

I think the author wrote this book because 
he wanted to entertain kids with a great story.  

I would recommend this book to my friends because I am almost positive they would like it.  

Reading to me is fun because learn so much.  

*Marissa is a fourth grade reader in one of my three language arts classes.  

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