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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wonder Wednesday #93 (A Surprise)...

Wonder Wednesday - A Pleasant Surprise 

*Sometimes things just fall into place without much effort.

*I really didn't have an idea for today's "Wonder Wednesday" post.

*As the day went on, I was hoping something would "pop" into my mind to blog about.

*Sure enough, it fell right into my lap, or in this case my computer.

*I received an email this afternoon from an educator out there in our cyber world.

*I've posted the email below.  I took out the names and places to keep the "innocent or guilty" out of this post.

*This blog is a labor of love and fills my passion of reading and books.

*I really do it just for myself and the few followers I think I have for it.

*Never in my wildest dreams did I think it was being used to such an extent by others.

*Here is the email that was sent to me.  This is truly a wonder for me...

Hi Mr. Andrus, 

I hope I have the right person -- looking for Patrick Andrus who has the readwonder blog. 

I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and liked it so much I shared it with another teacher.  She enjoyed your blog so much she started using it with her class.  She has shared many of the "life lessons", "music Mondays", etc.  A few weeks ago I visited her class and many of the kids had purchased books from the book fair based upon recommendations from your blog. Thank you for putting together such a great resource. 

I know the school year is almost over but I was wondering if you might have time to visit with her and the class. I know they would love it. 

Please let me know.  Thank you!  

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