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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Life Lesson #34 - Enjoy Summer and Give Back...

"Make It an Awesome Summer and Give Back"

*This is our last Life Lesson for the year.  Our writer's notebooks will go home this Friday so the parents can see all the great writing we have done this year.

*I wanted something light and fun for this last "life lesson".  My class loves Kid President.

*Being both silly and meaningful was an attractive feature of this video clip.

*After a quick class discussion, we viewed the video several times.  

*The writers then got busy in their notebooks.  They can record their thoughts, reactions, connections, emotions/feelings, or reminders.  

*The writing time lasts between five and ten minutes.  We end with some sharing of what was written.

Life Lessons from this Year...
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Life Lesson #2 - Be Kind
Life Lesson #3 - Be Courageous
Life Lesson #4 - Be Motivated
Life Lesson #5 - Be a Buddy, Not a Bully
Life Lesson #6 - Be Inspired: Never Give Up on Your Goals
Life Lesson #7 - Be SHOUTful (Shout Your Success)
Life Lesson #8 - Be Spooky (Halloween Week)
Life Lesson #9 - Be Kind (Part Two)
Life Lesson #10 - Be Happy
Life Lesson #11 - The Power of Literacy (Be a Reader)
Life Lesson #12 - Be POWERful
Life Lesson #13 - Be a Team
Life Lesson #14 - Be Merry
Life Lesson #15 - Be Giving
Life Lesson #16 - Be Brave (Part Two)
Life Lesson #17 - Be Positive
Life Lesson #18 - Be Dancelike
Life Lesson #19 - You Can Do It!
Life Lesson #20 - Be a Hero (Celebrating Day 100)
Life Lesson #21 - Be A Friend
Life Lesson #22 - Be Kind (Part Three)
Life Lesson #23 - Be Strong and Courageous
Life Lesson #24 - Be Fearless
Life Lesson #25 - Be a Sportsman/Sportwoman
Life Lesson #26 - Be Different
Life Lesson #27 - Think Outside the Box
Life Lesson #28 - Live Your Dream/Share Your Passion
Life Lesson #29 - You've Always Had the Power
Life Lesson #30 - Pay It Forward
Life Lesson #31 - Give & Get a Compliment
Life Lesson #32 - What's Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals
Life Lesson #33 - Be Amazing


  1. I like Life Lesson #18. We can always be more dancelike. Here's to an awesome summer for you and your awesome students! My life lesson? Celebrate the ordinary; it just might be extraordinary after all.
    Happy reading this summer,
    Donna Gephart

  2. Thanks for positing. One of our highlights this year was Skyping with you and sharing your awesome book. See you "online"!

  3. Thanks . . . and happiest of summers to you!