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Friday, May 29, 2015

Friend Friday #93 (The Dumbest Idea Ever by Jimmy Gownley)...

Hi!  we are Nathan and Micah and we read the book called The Dumbest Idea Ever written by Jimmy Gownley.

We thought this book was great because it had so many funny parts in it that made us laugh out loud.  Literally it did because Mr. Andrus even heard us.    

Our favorite part in the story was when he scored a bunch of points because it was an awesome moment in the story.  

The character that we liked best was Jimmy because he was the main character and so fun to read about.  He reminded us of ourselves.  

We think the author wrote this book because 
he wanted to entertain fourth grade readers with a super funny and great book.  We hope there is a sequel.  

We would recommend this book to our friends because it is really good and we know the kids in our class will like it as much as we do.  

Reading to us is cool and the best because there are so many great books out there and they entertain us, especially stories like this one.  

*Micah and Nathan each had a copy of this book.  They started reading it on their own, but ended up doing a "shared" reading together.  

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