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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fragile Beasts by Tawni O'Dell...

How I Heard About It:  I'm a huge fan of Tawni O'Dell novels.  Two of my favorites are Back Roads and Coal Run.  She writes a great story about family and relationships and I was excited to read this book.

What It Is About:  Kyle and Klint are living with their father when he suddenly dies.  Their mother returns for the funeral with their younger sister, but doesn't plan on staying longer than necessary.  She left years ago with the youngest sister leaving the two older boys with their father.  The last place these two young men want to go is with their mother.  When a friend of theirs suggests they live with her wealthy aunt, they think she is crazy.  Candace Jack is a major figure in the community and has quite a history herself involving bulls, Spain, and a few Spanish men.  She has lived quite a solitary life alone in her mansion and can't imagine bringing in two teenage boys.  After meeting their mother, Candace decides she "must" let these boys live in her home or their future is destined for disaster.  Klint is the older brother and doesn't adjust well to this new living situation.  Kyle is more willing to make things work.  He loves art and can relate to Candace Jack more than Klint who is a star athlete.  Klint is also carrying a family secret and he isn't sure how much longer he can hold it all on his own.

What I Thought Of It:   Tawni O'Dell never disappoints and I always enjoy reading her novels.  The plots are pure greatness and makes for a wonderful page turner.  This particular story was quite different than her other works, and has become a favorite of mine.  I enjoyed the character of Candace Jack and found her story quite fascinating.  The two brothers were my favorite and they certainly tugged at my heart-strings.  You know you are reading a terrific story when you GASP out loud during one particular moment.  Boy, I did not see that coming.  I love when that happens.  This was an excellent summer read and I can't wait to read future works of Tawni O'Dell.

Who Should Read It:  Well, if you have read anything else by Tawni, then you must read this novel.  You will not be disappointed.  It is the perfect adult read especially for summer vacation.  I also recommend any of her other works because they are all great reads.  If you are a fiction reader that enjoys a strong story with strong characters, then this is the perfect novel for you.  Happy Reading!

Rating:  5 STARS out of 5 Stars

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