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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Blog BREAK...

Summer Blog Break 2015...

*Just a quick blog post before I head out on a summer family vacation.

*It is strange to take a vacation when I'm already on vacation from teaching.  Maybe it is a vacation on vacation.

*After about 101 weeks of "daily features" and a little over 1,000 blog posts, I believe this is only my third break from keeping the blog.

*I took a week off last summer for the family vacation and I took a week away during my Christmas break this past season..

*The blog is part of my reading life and such a passion, but I do enjoy the time away from it.

*We have had quite a summer.  My second child, Ben, graduated from high school, we sold our home of 22 years, bought a new home about a mile from where we live now, and packed up our entire house.

*Unfortunately, we had a set back last week with the closing and our buyer's loan was delayed.  Our plan now is to close on our new house today, and close on our existing home later in August.

*Needless to say, it has been a bit stressful.

*Our family had a vacation planned since last winter to celebrate our son's graduation.  Hopefully all will go according to this "second" plan and we will be on the high seas for a week.

*We fly to Miami on Friday and board the Norwegian Getaway for seven days of family, fun, and of course some great reading time.

*I will be back to the blog on Monday, August 3rd.  There were be lots of books to blog about from the vacation reading I'm planning on doing.

*Happy summer and I'll see you in a little over a week...

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