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Monday, July 20, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (7/20/15)...

Thanks to Jen and Kellee for hosting this idea on their site.  Here is a link to their site...

**With packing up my house last week, a closing that didn't happen, and a lot of stress in-between, I didn't get to much reading.

**It always surprises me that when you aren't "with it" mentally it becomes very difficult to focus on a novel.  Hopefully this week will be better for me.  

Books I Read this Past Week… 

In a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware

*My adult novel

*My Book Review

Books I Will (continue to) Read this Week 

Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead

*My middle-grade novel

Read Between the Lines by Jo Knowles

*My young-adult novel

The Children's Crusade by Ann Packer

*My adult novel

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