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Friday, September 11, 2015

Friend Friday #107 (The Lunch Lady Series)...

Hi!  I am Will and I read the book called The Lunch Lady and the Bakesale Bandit written by Jarrett J. Krosoczka.  

I thought this book was excellent because it was funny and had lots of action and I like both of those things in the books I read.  

My favorite part in the story was when the bake sale stuff went missing because that is when the story got really good and I wanted to find out who stole all the stuff.  

The character that I liked best was the Lunch Lady because she is in all the books in the series, is the main character, and I think she is really funny.  I like characters that are funny.  

I think the author wrote this book because he wanted to make kids laugh and he has made me laugh many times when I was reading this book and the other ones in the series.  

I would recommend this book to my friends because 
it is funny and the kids that are reading it in our class like the books in the series so I'm sure everyone would.  

Reading to me is cool because it is a fun thing to do, I like it, and it also calms me down when I have a lot of energy.  I have read a lot of books this week at school.  

*It was back to work this week as my 25 new fourth graders arrived at my door.  Another year of instilling the love of reading.

*Many new books and series were introduced and The Lunch Lady series was one of them.

*Will was the first to pick up book #1 and has been tearing through the whole series.  At the time I asked him to review a book, he was on book #5.  I'm sure by Friday of this week he will be done with all ten.

*Many of my new readers are waiting patiently for the next book to read after they finished one of them in the series.  

*I don't think this series will even grow old with young readers.  They are the BEST!  

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