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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life Lesson #1 (Be Courageous)...

"Be Courageous"

*Today was our first "life lesson" Thursday in which we wrote in our writer's notebooks.

*Each Thursday I share with my students a video clip featuring a variety of "life lessons" in which I want to instill in my learners.  

*The lesson begins with showing the video to the group of writers.

*We then talk about the video as a group.  I show it a second time so we can observe anything that we may have missed during the first viewing.

*My fourth graders then record their ideas and thoughts in their notebook.

*They can write about the video, what it reminds them of, what connections they may have, and/or anything in their own life that relates to the video.  

*The class spends about 5-10 minutes thinking and writing.

*Toward the end of the lesson, a few of the writers will volunteer if they want to share what they wrote.  The class then gives a complement, a positive comment, or asks a question about their writing.

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