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Monday, September 14, 2015

Music Monday #1 (What I Am by

"What I Am" by

*This was our first Monday where we featured our music selection.

*Each Monday I highlight a piece of music to share with my writers.  

*We begin with showing a video that goes along with the musical selection.

*The class will watch the video between 1-2 times.

*After the second viewing, the writers begin to record their thoughts in the notebooks.

*As they write, I play the music in the background (minus the video).

*My fourth graders can record their thoughts, ideas, connections, likes/dislikes, or reactions to the song.

*I have my students write between 5-10 minutes.  At the end of our writing time, I see if I few of the writers would like to share what they wrote.  

*Based on history, Music Monday becomes one of the most popular days of our writing week!  

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