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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wonder Wednesday #109 (Two PD Resources)...

 Creating Lifelong Readers Through Independent Reading
 by Barbara Moss and Terrell A. Young

*I don't normally have enough time to read from professional resources.  I know I should, but when I do have time to read I want to read middle-grade fiction, young-adult fiction, and of course adult fiction.

*I came across this title because Donalyn Miller tweeted about it this past summer.  She stated she revisits this text several times a year and always gains more knowledge from it.

*That was enough of a sale for me.  I ordered the book and read it right before school started.

*There might not be a lot of "new" and "different" ideas in this book, but I so enjoyed reading it, reviewing what should be included in a  reading workshop, and added a few new "tools" to my toolkit.  

*The information also validated what I'm doing in the classroom and I am on the right direction in my teaching of reading of writing.  

*If you have not read this resource, I highly recommend it.  You will find it WONDERful!  

The Reading Strategies Book
 by Jennifer Serravallo

*This seemed to be the "book" of the summer.  After seeing so many people tweeting about it, I knew I had to add it to my collection of professional resources.

*After receiving it in the mail, I was surpassed on how BIG it was.  But I guess when you have a book full of 300 plus strategies it is going to be a major collection.

*When I first started reading, I read page by page, but then I realized this resource didn't need to be read that way.  

*The book is broken up into section covering different major/big concepts or themes that you would teach during the reading workshop.  Each section has between 15-20 mini lessons to meet those goals in that section.

*I started to peruse it and figured this can be used as a go-to guide when you are going to teach a specific skill/strategy/concept to the whole class, a guided reading group, or even an individual.

*I'm so excited to try out these strategies. I know they are going to improve my teaching!  

*This is a MUST-HAVE for all reading teachers.  It is a WONDERful resource.

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