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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Wonder Wednesday #287 (Breakfast with Books #ONE)

Wonder Wednesday - Book Club in ACTION

*Friday, October 4, 2019 brought one of my favorite days of the school year.  

*For the last several years I have had the honor of hosting author Erin Soderberg.  She and I kick off my "Breakfast with Books" book club.

*When I first read The Quirks: Welcome to Normal, I knew it had to be a staple in my classroom library.  When I read the three follow-up books; I was thrilled to have a full series perfect for fourth grade readers.  

*During our book club get-together, we all enjoyed some breakfast treats, chatted about our favorite family, the Quirks, and talked about Erin's writing life.  

*Each reader had a chance to share a comment about the book and ask Erin a question.  

*I love standing back and watching them interact with this incredible author and person.  

*Much thanks to Erin Soderberg for continuing our tradition.  We all truly appreciate it!  

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