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Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Friday #142 (Booked by Kwame Alexander) - Summer Edition #1

Hi!  We are Mrs. Peterson's Block 2 Reading Class and we read the book called Booked written by Kwame Alexander.  

We think this book was amazing because it was funny, suspenseful, relatable, and taught us new words.  

Our favorite part in the story is when Nick punched Don and Dean because he was bullied by them.

The character that we liked best was Nick because he is dynamic and relates to sixth graders.  

We think the author wrote this book because he wanted to create a book that had a similar theme to the book Crossover.   

We would recommend this book to our friends because it's a page turner.   

Reading to us is fun, entertaining, and magical because it takes us to new places.  

*Since I'm losing my fourth grade readers next week, I have to find new "friends" for my Friday posts.

*I'm going to be featuring some teacher friends, colleague friends, and other classes from my building during the summer vacation.

*For the first edition of these posts, my friend Beth and her 6th grade class reviewed a book that I know they enjoyed this year.  

*Thanks to Beth and her awesome sixth graders for taking some time to share their thoughts about this novel with me.  


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