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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday Wonder #146 (Reader Response #5)

Wonder Wednesday - My Life as a Reader (Part Five)

*Today is the fifth post of a Wednesday summer feature I'm going to run through the summer months.

*I had each of my students respond to a series of "sentence frames" about their reading life this year.

*I will be posting their thoughts here on Wonder Wednesdays.

-Jessica was one of the most fun readers to interact with this year.  
-She came in as an avid reader and left as an even more avid reader.
-Jessica always had a novel in her hands and pretty much was reading ALL the time.
-The most fun thing for me was to give her a novel, have her take it home, and come back the next day and she was done.  
-We also shared the same taste in stories and were always talking books with each other.  

Jessica Wrote...

Before I was in fourth grade I thought that reading was amazing
because books are so fun to look at. 

Now that I'm almost done with fourth grade I think that reading is even more amazing
because I read so many new books that are so good!

This year I learned that as a reader I should always read
because that helps you. 

To me reading is everything 
because I wouldn't know what to do without books. 

As a reader I'm most proud of reading a lot
because some people don't even read. 

The best thing about reading is reading novels
because they have a meaning and it's realistic. 

To be a life-long reader means to keep on reading forever and read new books 
because you should keep on reading and try different books.

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