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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #145 (Reader Response #4)

Wonder Wednesday - My Life as a Reader (Part Four)

*Today is the fourth post of a Wednesday summer feature I'm going to run through the summer months.

*I had each of my students respond to a series of "sentence frames" about their reading life this year.

*I will be posting their thoughts here on Wonder Wednesdays.

Hanh came into my classroom last fall identified as an EL and struggling reader.
She was hesitant to read and try books.  
Once she was introduced to the graphic novel format, she took off.
Hanh was a student that always had a book in her hands.
My goal then became to expand her interests past the graphic novel.
She did a wonderful job and I enjoyed watching the progress she made during the year!  

Hanh Wrote...

Before I was in fourth grade I thought that reading was a bit boring
because I didn't find anything that I liked to read.    

Now that I'm almost done with fourth grade I think that reading is great 
because I now I have found new books, especially graphic novels that I really enjoy reading.  

This year I learned that as a reader I understand what I read more
because I didn't always understand what I read, but now I do.

To me reading is great
because when you find the right book it can be so fun to read.  

As a reader I'm most proud of how I understand what I read this year
because the graphic novels and other books were interesting to me so I think I understood them better.  

The best thing about reading is how I can imagine what is happening in the story because I made pictures in my mind and could visualize what was happening.  It was like a  movie in my head.  

To be a life-long reader means to understand the book and enjoy it
because that is what real readers do and I enjoy new books and the stories they tell.

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