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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #151 (Reader Response #6)

Wonder Wednesday - My Life as a Reader (Part Six)

*Today is the sixth post of a Wednesday summer feature I'm going to run through the summer months.

*I had each of my students respond to a series of "sentence frames" about their reading life this year.

*I will be posting their thoughts here on Wonder Wednesdays.

-I loved working with Mia this past school year.
-She came in as a strong reader and was so willing and able to read anything in front of her.
-Mia was interesting because she would fall back on stories she had already read.
-As soon as I put a collection of books in front of her to pick from, she was in "reading heaven."
-It is such fun when I can help an already avid and strong reader to expand their horizons and read from books that they normally might not read.  
-Thanks to Mia for sharing her thoughts here!  

Mia Wrote...

Before I was in fourth grade I thought that reading was good I guess
because I was more interested in playing outside.  

Now that I'm almost done with fourth grade I think that reading is amazing
because I learned about so many more books than I knew were out there.

This year I learned that as a reader I can choose what book I want to read
because my teacher gave me choices and my mom use to always tell me to read from just one book.  

To me reading is everything 
because I absolutely love reading!  

As a reader I'm most proud of all the books that I read this year
because I've never read that many books before.  

The best thing about reading is how authors write books differently
because every book is so different from each other.   

To be a life-long reader means to read books to the fullest
because you only live once and should enjoy all the books there are to read. 

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