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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #152 (Student Response #7)

Wonder Wednesday - My Life as a Reader (Part Seven)

*Today is the seventh post of a Wednesday summer feature I'm going to run through the summer months.

*I had each of my students respond to a series of "sentence frames" about their reading life this year.

*I will be posting their thoughts here on Wonder Wednesdays.

-Maria was such an awesome student to work with during the past school year.
-She came in as a reader and left an even "larger" reader.
-The girl always had a book in her hands, at her desk, and with her person.
-It was such fun to share titles with her and watch her devour the novel.
-Maria comes from a home where reading is celebrated and encouraged.  I love that!  
-Thanks to Maria for sharing her thoughts about the life of a reader...

Maria Wrote...

Before I was in fourth grade I thought that reading was awesome
because I loved to read.   

Now that I'm almost done with fourth grade I think that reading is even more awesome
because we did book club and my teacher recommended a lot of good books.  

This year as a reader I learned that I love to read long novels
because they tell the story with more detail and it helps you think more because you have to think of the scene in your mind.  

To me reading is fun 
because of the great stories that the book tells.   

As a reader I'm most proud of being able to read
because I couldn't really do much and I couldn't read books.

The best thing about reading is thinking about what happens in the story
because I like to imagine the scene.  

To be a life-long reader means to read everyday and share books all your life
because if you didn't you wouldn't be a lifelong reader.  

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