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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #154 (#Classroombookaday)

Wonder Wednesday - #Classroombookaday

*One of my favorite sessions at #NerdCampMI was with Jillian Heise and Angie Huesgen.  They presented information about #classroombookaday.

*I've always shared picture books with my students.  I want to "tighten" things up a bit and become an active member of #classroombookaday.

*I'm excited to start my 26th year of teaching with a whole new collection of books.  I gathered these titles from Jillian Heise, Angie Huesgen, Pernille Ripp, and Frankie Sibberson.

*My first thought was to order these titles from Amazon, but as you can image the cost became quite high.  I've been trying to be better and using the public library along with our collection in my building.

*The good news is that I was able to find all of these titles via my local library.  This made my wife quite happy.

*I know it is going to be an awesome year of #classroombookaday...

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