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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #155 (Classroom Tour)

Wonder Wednesday - A Tour of Room 113

*This post is mostly for me so I can remember how my room looked to start up year #26 of my teaching career.

*It may not look like it, but I changed things up this year more than I ever have.

*During all of my different trainings, conventions, and camps this summer; I took in all sorts of new ways to set up the best learning environment possible.

*Enjoy the tour of room 113...

 Two New Posters to Foster Reading

 "Comprehension Connections"

 "Note and Notice"

 "Cafe Model"

 Student Book Bins and Community Supplies

 Class Calendar and Voting Center for #Classroombookaday

 "Be A Super Reading - Seven Strengths" Bulletin Board and Table Center #1

My Summer Collection of Books I Read to Share With My Students

 Meeting Area with Easel for Anchor Charts

 Meeting Area Book Shelves Featuring Book Bins, Poetry, Nonfiction, and Daily Read Alouds

 Meeting Area Reading Chair and Student Seating

 Geography Corner and Seating for Readers

 More Book Bins, Collection of Easy Readers, Collection of Picture Books

 #Classroombookaday Bulletin Board

 Posters to Promote a Reading Life

My New Graphic Novel Section and Student Book Bins

 Circular Book Shelf - Featuring Recommended Reading

 Classroom Library with Comfy Seating and Our Fiction Collection

 "Book Talks" Bulletin Board - Featuring Books We Book Talk

More Fiction Books in Classroom Library

 Collection of Hard Cover Books and Teacher Work Station

 Classroom Expectations (and My Reading Summit Badge)

 Four C's Bulletin Board (21st Century Learning)

 I've Had the "APPLE/Kindergarten" Poster Since First Year of Teaching

 Classroom View #1 and #2

 Classroom View #3 and #4

Ready for Year #26

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